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  1. Your free time in Berlin

  2. a city to party

  3. wine and dine

  4. enjoy the wonderful cultural life on offer

  5. visit Berlin‘s world famous museums

  6. step back into Berlin‘s incredible history

  7. do all the things you shouldn't do!

  8. relax in the one of the many beautiful parks or lakes

  9. go shopping

  10. enjoy the great variety of music & culture

        and much more .....

Berlin Brandenburg Gate
  1. Planning to come to Berlin and want to make the most of your holiday

  1. Let us help to make your visit easier

  1. Not enough time to arrange everything beforehand!

  1. Need someone on the ground to arrangement your event!

Whether day or night, rain or sun, there‘s always something to do in Berlin

Visiting Berlin

  1. What we can do  for  you

  2. party event preparation

  3. provide entertainment

  4. live music for the right atmosphere

  5. choice of different food arrangements

  6. silver service to buffet

  7. lighting and custolmised stage

  8. special arrangements or requirements for your visit .....

The city of many faces
Reichstag Berlin
Berlin Brandenburg Gate
Berlin Spree river